Burnin' & Churnin'

3 Balls Of Fire

Eight new tracks from The Men With The Burning Guitars - first new recordings in seven years! Purchase Burnin' & Churnin' and get the bonus promotional 15 track CD - 3 Balls Of Fire LIVE! Featuring Nokie Edwards, George Tomsco and Jerry Cole FREE!

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July 2022 Vintage Guitar Magazine - Dan Forte

July 2022 Vintage Guitar Magazine - Dan Forte

3BF LIVE! featuring Nokie Edwards of The Ventures, George Tomsco of The Fireballs and Jerry Cole of The Wrecking Crew! Tracks include: Hawaii 5-0, Secret Agent Man. Slaughter On 10th Ave, Fireball, Rik-A-Tik, Cheif  Woopin' Koff and nine more. Recorded live in Texas and California featuring three of the world's greatest guitar legends, this limited edition, promotional only CD is available only with purchase of "Burnin' & Churnin'.